Volunteer Works Intorduction
In order to develop Today Art Museum’s function of community service, promote the contact between the art museum and the public and enable more people to pay attention to and understand contemporary art and international fashion activities, Today Art Museum officially issues the invitation of volunteers. And we will accept volunteers in an all-round interactive platform.

Qualification of Application:
1.Full of Enthusiasm, loving art, preferring expressing, Dedicated, Ability of language
2.Spirit of devotion, Finishing the arranged works regularly and quantificationally, Understanding the  
   commonsense knowledge of art
3.Aged 18-60, Junior college degree or above
4.Obey rules and regulations of the art museum
5.Long lived, worked or studies in Beijing
Contact Us:
Tel: 8610-010-58760600-505
Fax: 8610-58760500
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