As China's first private non-profit public museum of art,Today Art Museum has been actively involved in and committed to promoting development of Chinese contemporary art. Meanwhile, to carry out the international art and cultural exchanges and cooperation, and to make every endeavor to enhance positive interaction between domestic and international artists, art institutions, art projects, are our pursuits over the decade.

In the past ten years, as one of the top contemporary art platforms in China,Today Art Museumhas cooperated with a number of most influential Chinese artists to hold their solo exhibitions. Academic research has always been the focus of our attention. The First and Second “Today’s Documents” exhibitions, the First and Second Academic Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Prints have gained enormous repercussions in the domestic and international art world. In addition,Today Art Museum was the first in China to present the solo exhibition of the internationally-renowned Italian "Art-Povera" master Jannis Kounellis. Besides, it was the first private museum to initiate the collateral exhibition of the Venice Biennale In the mean time, Today Art Museum has invited masters and pioneers of various art fields from the USA, Japan, UK and other countries as speakers of "Today Art Lectures" to share their unique experience and perspectives with the art lovers in China.

Furthermore, "University Students Nomination Exhibition", "Today Art Award" organized by Today Art Museum, and "Focus on Talents" Project jointly launched with Martell Art Fund have been dedicated to showing and supporting the Chinese contemporary artists as always. The partnership with Mercedes-Benz, Credit Suisse, Martell, J.P. Morgan and other brands has established the in-depth cooperation model with sponsors.

Accompanied by a growing number of exhibitions and events,Today Art Museum, as a non-profit organization, needs more funding to support infrastructure construction, improve service quality and increase the public projects. We have been raising economic support to provide exhibitions of a higher level and the best experience of environment for the audience. If you are willing to offer support and funding in any form, we guarantee that your donation will be reasonably applied to our exhibitions and events with our gratitude. You will witness the future growth and development of the museum as a participant.

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Tel: 8610-58769397

Fax: 8610-58760500


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