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Today Art Museum presents large-scale contemporary art exhibitions with a variety of themes, brings a collision between different cultures, and provides the audiences with brand new perspectives of discovering art.Today Art Museum is dedicated to showing the ideas of the curators and artists through the best form of exhibitions. Meanwhile,Today Art Museum is developing the implementation of high-level public education and research. The sponsorship and support from foundations, corporations and individuals is the boost power of Today Art Museum exhibition projects.


Support Art Projects

As one of the top public museums of Fine Arts, we not only provide an exhibition platform, but also assume the responsibility to discover and promote outstanding young artists. In order to fulfill our commitment, Today Art Museum launched two public art projects: "College Art Student Annual Exhibition”, and "Today Art Award”.In addition,Today Art Museum and Martell Art Fund jointly organized the “Focus on Talent Project” ,"College Art Student Annual Exhibition” aims to providing an art stage for young students to complete the transition from student to the identity of the emerging artists.

"Focus on Talent Project” targets at showcasing the young generation of artists, as well as promoting the sustainable development of the Chinese contemporary art.

Meanwhile, we launched “Today Art Award”, which is the first of its kind initiated by a Museum in China. "Today Art Award" selects a mature artist for his/her creativity and innovation.Ever since their establishment, the two art projects have been become very influential in the Chinese contemporary art world.


Besides the logo exposure of the sponsor in different ways, the partnership with Today Art Museum can help enterprises to improve visibility and enhance the brand connotation。


Our partners will be benefited in the following areas:

·   Enhance the brand culture;

·   Opportunityto tap into potential clients;

·   Provide a unique art experience for clients and staff;

·   Establish multi-channel opportunities;
·   Exhibition sponsors at Today Art Museum receive prominent exposure and acknowledgement before, during,  and after the run of the exhibition.

Depending on the level of sponsorship, benefits may include:

·   Logo credit in all exhibition and program materials, including invitations, exhibition catalogues, signage, press releases, theToday Art Museumwebsite, and mailings;

·   Sponsor presence at press previews with the option to include a statement in press kits;

·   Complimentary private tours for VIPs and guests;

·   Opportunityto host private receptions at the museum;

·   Priority to reserve event dates on theToday Art Museum calendar。


The Museum will work with you to develop a plan that meets your objectives and budget。

For information about supporting exhibitions at theToday Art Museum, please contact the Development Center at (86)10- 5876 9397 or e-mail:

Contact Us:
Tel: 8610-58769397
Fax: 8610-58760500


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