What is the internship recruitment plan of Today Art Museum?  

We offer students abundant internship positions. Interns have opportunities to work in all the main department of the art museum. According to interns’ major, we’ll arrange interns to exhibition department, development department, research department and contemporary art research institute. We expect you to take an active part in it. The internship will not only help you gather experience and opportunities, but also lay good foundation for future work as well. Today Art Museum looks forward to create much greater future with you! Meanwhile, we also wish to offer help to your future career. 

What’s the benefit of the internship?

Today Art Museum will offer you internship which will give you chance to keep in contact with artists and art institutes. Let art lighten your life.

You can apply internship position in other departments after this turn’s interview is over.
The length of internship in Today Art Museum is at least one month. In this way, interns can get familiar with the condition of programs and the requirement of the position, and also gain some work experience in internship.

Contact Us:
Tel: 8010-58760600-505
Fax: 8610-58760500
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