Today Video Center is equipped with top-notch video hardware and film studio and television studio. A production crew of professional directors, photographers, cameramen and post-editors dedicate their efforts to the digitalized documentation of China's contemporary art development with various video technologies.


Today Video Center uses China's leading 360° panorama technology and is capable of producing panorama pictures and video programmes of art exhibitions。 It is also capable of producing digitalized 360° round visual presentation of art works。 The panorama exhibition has established itself as a new visual language in the recording of contemporary art history。 It is capable of documenting works in an exhibition space comprehensively, objectively and retaining the original atmosphere。 Captions, zoom-in pictures and live videos may also be embedded in the video programme。 The video production can create an independent file for permanent collection, or be publicized for viewing on the internet。 


The core task of Today Video Center is to collect literature and materials on contemporary art for Today Art Museum. It has produced a large number of documentary films on various aspects of contemporary art and promotion videos for various art programmes. It has also provided plenty of fine professional pictures for books and magazines published or edited by Today Art Museum.

Contact Us:
Tel: 8610-58760011-330

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