Today Art Museum Art Gift Store was established in 2006 which is not only an indispensable window for spreading contemporary art, but also a special store that connects contemporary design and art with daily use and appliance.

Today Art Museum Art Girt Store mainly sale representative works of famous designers at home and abroad, art works’ derivatives authorized by artists and art works that have practical value. Product types involve office stationery, home decoration, jewelry accessories, clothing, bags, porcelains, toys and so on. At the same time, with the mission of art education and cultural transmission, Today Art Museum carries out high quality and diversified art spreading activities to serve the public, and ceaselessly broadens, deepens and enriches visitors’ experience to the displays. 

Today Art Museum Art Gift store not only shows contemporary art’s glamour in daily life through the store, network store, Today mobile art museum, Today printmaking center and so on to translate high price art works into acceptable forms for publics, but also takes an active part in promoting the combining of art gifts with business gifts and appliance--Relying on Today Art Museum’s strong art resources and platform effect, Today Art Museum organizes the design and art resources and offers customized business gifts with art elements and art planning service related to business intercourse. By the medium of art, this service provide enterprises a good chance to strenghten the cohesion of enterprise culture, promote the quality and reputation of the enterprise in the business intercourse and boost the development of business relationship.
Contact Us:
Tel: 8610-58769326 / 58760953
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