Today Art Museum New Media Lab officially established, what it will do recently?



After a well-rounded preparation, the Today Art Museum New Media Lab officially opened to the public in October.

Online users sent their best wishes to the opening of the lab and looked forward to future development and possibilities. 

What does the lab do? Who founded it? Why is it founded?

You may find the answers in the following introduction.


Today Art Museum New Media Lab

Today Art Museum New Media Lab is founded and directed by Alex Gao, the Director of Today Art Museum. Lei Su, an independent curator who has been active in recent years, serves as the Executive Director of the New Media Lab. As a professional institution focusing on art and technology, the Lab aims at generating opportunities for people who are interested in interdisciplinary research between technology and art to participate in systematic and conceptual practices.

Alex Gao, the Director of Today Art Museum (left) and Su Lei, the Executive Director of the New Media Lab (right).

Supported by the international and professional vision accumulated by the Museum over the past years, the New Media Lab promotes conversations between world-leading researchers and the local practitioners, cultivates avant-garde artists, explores the birth of future arts accelerated by the constantly changing technology and lifestyle as well as its transmission, and forwards the application and generalization of interdisciplinary arts in contemporary society. 

Alex Gao, a scholar in contemporary arts, is the Director of Today Art Museum。 Graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Mr。 Gao gained his Ph。 D。 degree at the University of the Arts London and finished his post-doctoral research at Peking University。 Mr。 Gao has planned and organized over a hundred exhibitions internationally。 Also, from 2014 to 2017, Mr。 Gao and his team were awarded by the Ministry of Culture for introducing international vision and advanced management methods to the art museums in China。 Mr。 Gao not only set the strategical goals for Today Art Museum but also improved the operation of the museum。 Moreover, he brought about the idea to explore the future path for experimental arts on the Internet。 All these endeavors were pioneering in China’s art museum management and offered new patterns for the organization of private art museums。 In 2015, Mr。 Gao was credited as the co-chair of Shape China: 2015 Global Shapers at World Economic Forum, and then awarded Art Messenger of Shape China: Global Shapers Forum。

Su Lei is an independent curator with a specialization in new media arts and a theorist in contemporary arts, whose research interests range from contemporary arts to parametric design, and to post-capitalist cultural landscape. Successively graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts, Université Paris VIII, and L’Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Paris La Villette, Mr. Su completed his Ph. D. dissertation at the School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences (EHESS) in Paris, focusing on the phenomenology of the post-capitalist cultural landscape. Mr. Su used to teach at the Sciences Po and Peking University Dual Master’s Degree, and at the Central Academy of Fine Arts as well. Moreover, Mr. Su initiated the TASC Forum at Peking University. Now, Mr. Su directs the information visualization program at Peking University Smart City Research Institute and serves as one of the curators of Today Art Museum.

Today Art Museum endeavors to participate and facilitate the development of contemporary art in China. In 2015, the Museum initiated the project “Future of Today,” which aims at exploring new forms and ideas of arts. The very first exhibition drew heated discussion on the revolutionary conception of space. Consisted of three parts, namely, the physical exhibition, the virtual exhibition, and the third part display (i.e. augmented reality), the exhibition helped the audience better understand contemporary arts. By offering each viewer a localized perspective, “Future of Today” presented in a unique way the thoughts on people’s new living environment of internet-based society.

The poster of Today Art Museum “Future of Today Exhibition” is publicized at Times Square, New York City, manifesting the influence of contemporary art.


In 2017, “.zip,” the XIAOMI Future of Today Exhibition, concentrated on the topic of physical exhibition. By inviting the audience to experience the artworks, the exhibition released various formats of art expression. The immersive experience, the vocal and visual feast, cross-media interaction, the artistic processing of information, the clashes between virtual reality and reality, the interaction between human and machines, and various new-media artworks bring brand-new experiences to the audience. These experiences sparked thoughts on the very condition of human existence and future paths through various formats of artistic expression in different dimensions of time and space.

At the exhibition

Based on the success of the previous two exhibitions, the New Media Lab will lift the “Future of Today” project to a higher level, break through the “White Box,” and show new possibilities of future arts to the audience.

Recently, Alex Gao, the Director of the Museum, presented a public event organized by, where Mr. Gao shared his opinion on future arts with over a hundred leading figures from different fields all around the world, including internet business, healthcare, and technology. 

Mr. Gao pointed out that with the involvement of multimedia technology, contemporary arts would become more and more unpredictable as well as creative. To Mr. Gao’s view, this is the reason why art is so attractive. Under this condition, Today Art Museum will keep inspiring revolutionary ideas on “Future Arts.”

Mr. Gao presenting a speech on future arts

Today Art Museum New Media Lab will immediately move forward to the exploration of future arts.

Please stay tuned for the upcoming events.

Special Thanks

Alex Gao, the Director of Today Art Museum, the initiator of “Future of Today Exhibition” project

Alex Gao, Wang Hui, Sui Jianguo, founders of the 1st Future of Today Exhibition

Huang Du, academic advisor of the 1st Future of Today Exhibition

Su Lei, curator of the 1st Future of Today Exhibition


Alex Gao, Wang Hui, Sui Jian’guo, Li Wanqiang, founders of the 2nd Future of Today Exhibition

Philipp Ziegler, Huang Du, academic advisors of the 2nd Future of Today Exhibition

Wu Yuhui, Yan Yan, curators of the 2nd Future of Today Exhibition

Charles Lindsay, International Nominator


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